An old belt may become loose and slip from position, making a squealing sound as the system runs. Fix the Noise. If you believe squealing is related to the system’s compressor, turn the unit off right away and request repair services as soon as possible to protect your compressor and air conditioning system.. "/>

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With the belt removed and the pulley exposed, you can get a better look at what may be causing the squeal. Inspect the belt's underside for peeling or cracks. Inspect the pulley's outer grooves for glazing, dirt, and/or rough edges. Figure 2. A worn belt. Figure 3. Belt inspection. If the belt needs to be replaced, proceed to Step 3. If the belt only squeals when you start the car with the AC on, it is probably the belt or the tensioner. If the belt squeals when you turn the AC on after the car it running, it possibly could be something with the AC compressor, but I'd still start with the belt or the tensioner. There are two ways to attack it:.

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